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Rent terms

At the appointed time, our employee will arrive at the place to issue the necessary documents, give you the keys and answer all current questions. The guest makes a cash deposit that is the guarantee of the security of all property in the apartment. During the departure from the provided by us apartment when you return the keys of the apartment you've rented, the deposit is returned to the tenant.

The company provides all the documents confirming the cost and time of a daily rent of the apartment: the contract, the receipt of strict reporting of 3G, the certificate of the executed works.

The cost of living includes the use of all electrical appliances (a washing machine, a microwave oven, etc.), the Internet.

All tenants should treat their neighbors with respect, do not disturb them, observe the proper public order.

The price includes:

  • The set of linen according to the number of people living in a flat;
  • Terry towels - 2 pieces;
  • The use of dishes, a washing machine, a microwave, etc;
  • A shower gel
  • A dishwashing detergent, sponges, hand soap, toilet paper.

Ladies and gentlemen! We do not rent an apartment for holding any kinds of holidays, apartments are only for living!

Working hours: 24 hours

E-mail: city-flat@bk.ru

Call: +7 (4872) 580-190, +7 (960) 598-68-68

Report documents when renting the apartments daily

For individuals:

  • The contract of a short-term renting of an apartment;
  • The certificate of the executed works - services;
  • Receipt of the form - 3G.

For legal entities (non-cash payment):

  • Account;
  • The certificate of the executed works - services;
  • The contract of a short-term renting of an apartment;
  • The certificate of acceptance - transfer of an apartment;
  • A reference on the application of a simplified taxation system. Outside the scope of VAT. Simplified taxation system (Chapter 26.2 of Article 346.11 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation)
  • Invoices are not issued (Order of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of the Russian Federation of September 19, 2002 No. VG-3-22 / 495 Form No. 26.2-2).

Our documents:

  • The certificate of state registration of a legal entity
  • The tax registration certificate in the territory of the RF.